Invessel Composting

Adding Value to Green Waste.

Invessel Composting is a true example of turning waste into a resource, utilising green waste to deliver a rich and organic compost product.

What is Invessel Composting?

The composting of green or garden organic wastes is centred around our invessel system present at both our NRS and newly constructed Bulla Organics Recovery Facility.  Each vessel is constructed of concrete walls and a base; with the base housing a plenum chamber that enables the supply of air up through a large number of distribution points in the floor of the vessel.

A removable steel door is fitted and sealed to the front of the vessel. A flexible membrane is built-in to the top of the vessel to seal the walls and door and complete the total enclosure of the vessel.

Air is supplied to the composting mix in the vessel via a purpose built stainless steel fan and stainless steel ductwork system.

The delivery of high quality compost will deliver a real alternative for applications which include but are not limited to: 

  • Broadacre agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Biosolids management
  • Manure blending
  • Fertilizer blending
  • Land rehabilitation

Advantages of Invessel composting

There are many advantages of utilising in-vessel composting technology over conventional processes, some include:

  • Rapid degradation of wastes to reduce odour potential; 
  • Elimination of fugitive odour emission potential; 
  • Efficient pasteurisation of pathogenic micro-organisms, weed seeds and plant propagules; 
  • Generation of a fresh compost that can be matured in windrows without the potential for vector attraction or unaccountable odour emission; 
  • Control and recycling of leachate; 
  • Reduction of land usage requirements by accelerating the process; 
  • Ease of loading and unloading of the vessels; 
  • Elimination of handling during the invessel cycle; 
  • Elimination of potential climatic effects; 
  • Reduction of buffer distance requirements

Veolia recently commissioned a state of the art invessel composting facility at Bulla in the North West of Melbourne as the first of two facilities to service the 15 year (+5) North-West Organics Processing (NWOP) contract with the Metropolitan Waste Management Group (MWMG) and 11 participating member Councils.

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