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Across Australia and New Zealand Veolia is one of Australia’s largest providers of services to the municipal and residential sectors for water, waste and energy solutions, delivering a range of relevant, quality services to meet the needs of local communities.

Servicing Municipalities and Residents

Councils and municipal industry bodies have a pivotal role in implementing sustainable management in the areas of education, environment, regulation, water and waste, as well as safeguarding positive social and economic impacts.

Innovative Partnering

With over 20 years’ experience partnering with municipal and residential clients we have the expertise and local experience to provide key services including.

  • Municipal water and wastewater treatment
  • Water networks and asset management
  • Commercial waste services
  • Resource recovery services
  • Integrated HVAC and multi-technical services
  • Energy management
  • Facility operations and management services

Beyond transactional services, we understand that operating in the municipal and residential sector presents many unique challenges which need to be addressed including

  • Operating costs and constraints for upgrades or renewals
  • Increasing efficiency levels
  • Waste levy and carbon liability
  • Waste minimisation strategies
  • Meeting servicing growth
  • Stakeholder management including education, odour, transport, noise
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Preventing health and environmental risks

Plugging in Veolia's Municipal and Residential Solutions

It order to safely maximise your service efficiencies and achieve your community needs and sustainable goals, we aim to plug in to your organisation to help solve these challenges.

Veolia is one of Australia’s largest providers of domestic waste and recyclables collection providing services to councils throughout Australia.

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Custom Municipal & Residential Services

Municipal Water Management

An Efficient, Safe and Secured Water Supply.

Municipal Water Management

Veolia manages every step of the water cycle - from extraction, treatment, storage and distribution of drinking water through to the collection, transportation, recycling and restitution of wastewater.

Recovering Resources from Waste

Finding Value in Waste

Recovering Resources from Waste

Veolia owns and operates several resource recovery facilities, as well as water recycling plants and waste to energy facilities. At the core of our solution is a desire to replicate natural systems to solve a man-made problem.

Being Eco-Friendly at Home

Tips for Water, Waste and Energy Efficiency

Being Eco-Friendly at Home

At Veolia we are committed to a sustainable future and we have put together a series of handy tips you can do at home to help reduce landfill waste, preserve water and increase your energy efficiency.

District Energy

Innovative Technologies. Technical Expertise.

District Energy

At Veolia we work with many of the major cities around the world to develop urban networks which save energy, reduce dependencies on fossil fuels, meet CO2 reduction targets and preserve the environment.

Municipal and Residential Major Projects

See how we partner with local organisations with municipal and residential solutions to improve their business.

Municipal and Residential Resource Centre

Stay up to date with the latest municipal and residential news and publications.

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Shaping the Cities of Tomorrow

19 March 2015

Urban growth continues to place huge pressures on a city’s need for cleaner energy, water supply security and effective waste and resource management. The main challenge lies in cutting consumption and pollution while boosting efficiency.

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