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Veolia is a name you can trust in industrial cleaning, with an extensive array of solutions, tailored to handle every aspect your industrial plant and industrial equipment cleaning needs, from technologically advanced equipment through to solvents.

Industrial Cleaning Challenges

If you work on an industrial site you will know first-hand the challenges that come from maintaining equipment and keeping your entire plant running at optimal operating condition. Our wide range of industrial cleaning services and maintenance solutions are designed to maintain your equipment and facilities in a safe, environmentally sustainable and responsible way.

Best of all, we understand the need for different solutions for different industries and will tailor each and every solution to suit your site requirements, so you can rest assured, the solution you receive is right for you.

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Industrial Cleaning Services

High Pressure Water Jetting

Always Safe with Minimal Environmental Impact.

High Pressure Water Jetting

We have the latest and most efficient positive displacement, high and super high pressure washers designed to efficiently clean your machinery with no or minimal environmental effects.

Sludge Management

Simple, Easy and Environmentally Sustainable

Sludge Management

We utilise the latest key technologies and techniques to harvest and process sludge from your industrial facility, simply and easily, and in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Vacuum Loading

Technically Advanced. EPA/DEC Compliant.

Vacuum Loading

We have a vast array of technical advanced, self-contained vacuum loading equipment and trucks, helping to ensure ensure the safety of both our clients and our own employees.

Robotic Cleaning

Safety Focused. Cost Effective. Time Efficient.

Robotic Cleaning

When cleaning your industrial site, robotic cleaning is a safer, more cost-effective and time-efficient solution, minimising personnel exposure by eliminating or reducing the need for manned entry.

Tank Cleaning

Full Product Recovery, Minimal Cost and Minimal Downtime

Tank Cleaning

We not only have the ability to clean your tank, but to provide full product recovery, minimise waste disposal costs and best of all for your business, to minimise your tank’s downtime.

Industrial Cleaning Major Projects

See how we partner with local organisations with industrial cleaning solutions to improve their business.

Industrial Cleaning Resource Centre

Stay up to date with the latest industrial cleaning news and publications.

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