Waste Bins and Containers

Huge Size Range. All Waste Streams.

At Veolia we provide a range of skip bins, waste bins and containers to meet your waste management needs. Our skip bin range includes small-sized (rear-lift), medium-sized (front-lift), and large-sized containers (bulk-waste bins).

Whether you have residential, industrial or commercial needs, our team can help you save on your disposal costs, reduce carbon emissions, and dispose of your waste correctly. Whether you are looking to dispose food, paper and cardboard, batteries, construction waste, electronic waste or one of many other streams, we have the bin to suit your needs. Our wide range of bins include:

Small Sized Containers: Rear Lift Bins

Rear-lift wheelie bins are ideal for sites with limited restrictions like homes and small offices. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, these small-sized containers are easy to use and can be secured with lockable lids. At Veolia, we can provide a range of wheelie bins for collection, ranging in 120, 240, 600, and 1100 litre sizes, depending on your intended waste type.

Small Bins

Medium (Front-Lift) Bins

Front-lift bins are suitable for businesses with small to mid-sized waste collection requirements. Veolia has three standard front-lift bins: 1.5 cubic metres, 3.0 cubic metres, and 4.5 cubic metres.

Medium Sized Bins

Large Sized Containers: Bulk Bins

Bulk bins are perfect for large volumes of un-compacted waste and require locations with adequate space capable of taking these larger bins. We can provide containers ranging from 2.5 cubic metre containers, generally used for site clean ups, right through to a fully integrated 31 cubic metre compactor for sites with high volumes of waste production.

Large Bins

Understanding Our Bins

Use our Waste Collection Bin table to better understand the type of skips we offer, the dimensions and what can and can’t be thrown away.

Note: If you have specific or larger industrial waste collection needs, contact us and speak to one of our waste specialists.

Waste Collection Bin Table

Skip Bin TypeDetailsAccepted Type
Rear-Lift Bin System 120-Litre Bin W/ lockable lids, 2-Wheeled
  • General (mixed) waste
  • Commingle – glass, plastic, bottles, aluminium & steel cans
  • Paper & cardboard
  • Security paper
  • Organic / food waste
240-Litre Bin W/ lockable lids, 2-Wheeled
660-Litre Bin W/ lockable lids, 4-Wheeled
1100-Litre Bin W/ lockable lids, 4-Wheeled
Front-Lift Bin System 1.5 Cubic Metres Can be added with “Master Key” system for security
  • General
  • Commingled
  • Paper & cardboard
3 Cubic Metres Can be added with “Master Key” system for security
4 Cubic Metres Can be added with “Master Key” system for security
Bulk Bin System 6 Cubic Metres Can be with hook-lift or compaction system
  • General (mixed) waste Paper / cardboard Timber
  • Scrap steel / metals
  • Process waste
  • Construction waste
  • Plastics (HDPE / LDPE)
10 Cubic Metres Can be with hook-lift or compaction system
12 Cubic Metres Can be with hook-lift or compaction system
15 Cubic Metres Can be with hook-lift or compaction system

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if the skip bin I choose is correct?

Utilise our handy skip bin table to better understand the types of waste accepted within each bin. If you have questions, email nationalanz@veolia.com.au.

How will I know how much waste goes in each bin?

Each Veolia bin listing above includes an estimation of how much waste is accepted as well bin dimensions.

Does Veolia offer other size bins than those available online?

Veolia has a vast range of skip bins available. For more information on Veolia’s bins, waste management and/or resource recovery services, please contact a Veolia Customer Service representative today.

Does someone need to be on location to accept delivery of the bin?

It is preferable to have someone on location when the bin is delivered, but if this is not possible, please contact our customer service team ahead of time.

What days do you deliver?

Delivery days vary according to location. Your customer service represent will help arrange and schedule delivery and pick up times prior to completing your booking.

We Deliver Australia Wide including,
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Waste Bins and Containers

Huge Range of Bin Sizes Available. All Waste Types.

Commercial Waste Bins

Waste comes in all sizes, but fortunately, so too do our bins and containers. Whether you are looking to dispose food, paper and cardboard, batteries, construction waste, electronic waste or one of many other streams, we have the bin to suit your needs.


An Innovative and Smarter Way to Recycle

Commercial Waste - RecyclePak

RecyclePak is Veolia’s innovative, commercial recycling service, providing businesses of all sizes with a flexible waste and recycling solution; designed to not only reduce the amount of reusable materials being sent to landfill, but to help businesses reduce costs by increasing their amount of recycling.

Hazardous Waste Treatment

Fast. Thorough. Legislatively Compliant Solutions.

Hazardous Waste Treatment

At Veolia we provide a fast, thorough, and legislatively compliant, hazardous and contaminated waste treatment service; right from the initial identification of waste needs, through to collection, treatment and disposal. Our hazardous waste streams include liquid waste, medical/clinical waste and e-waste.

Secure Destruction

Get a Custom Solution. Get Peace of Mind.

Confidential & Secure Destruction

We have the expertise, experience and capability in the collection and destruction of your secure documents and out-dated products. Our team of specialists will work with you to tailor a solution which meets your internal protocols and guidelines for destruction.

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Disposal, Recovery and Recycling Facilities

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We operate a wide range of processing facilities for the disposal, recovery and recycling of all materials, operating from more than 100 locations across Australia and New Zealand.

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