Commercial Waste

Capabilities to Handle All Waste Streams.

At Veolia we have the capability and experience to manage the most demanding commercial waste removal requirements. Whether it is commercial, liquid, hazardous or electronic waste, we have a range of rubbish removal bins in various sizes ready for delivery to your place of work.

Challenges of Commercial Waste

Today, many businesses are seeking to reduce their waste management costs, while also making the commitment to environmental sustainability. To achieve this, many commercial enterprises are looking for a partner that can not only provide innovative, efficient, environmentally friendly waste recovery solutions, but one that also has the staff and expertise to ensure there is minimal (if any) impact to their everyday business operations.

Veolia are leaders in waste removal and resource recovery, with almost 40 years experience in commercial waste management. Each and every commercial business partner has unique business challenges and waste needs; and our team of specialists will work with you to help identify and understand these before proposing a solution which seeks to efficiently collect, process and recycle your waste streams.

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Commercial Waste Services

Waste Bins and Containers

Huge Range of Bin Sizes Available. All Waste Types.

Commercial Waste Bins

Waste comes in all sizes, but fortunately, so too do our bins and containers. Whether you are looking to dispose food, paper and cardboard, batteries, construction waste, electronic waste or one of many other streams, we have the bin to suit your needs.


An Innovative and Smarter Way to Recycle

Commercial Waste - RecyclePak

RecyclePak is Veolia’s innovative, commercial recycling service, providing businesses of all sizes with a flexible waste and recycling solution; designed to not only reduce the amount of reusable materials being sent to landfill, but to help businesses reduce costs by increasing their amount of recycling.

Hazardous Waste Treatment

Fast. Thorough. Legislatively Compliant Solutions.

Hazardous Waste Treatment

At Veolia we provide a fast, thorough, and legislatively compliant, hazardous and contaminated waste treatment service; right from the initial identification of waste needs, through to collection, treatment and disposal. Our hazardous waste streams include liquid waste, medical/clinical waste and e-waste.

Secure Destruction

Get a Custom Solution. Get Peace of Mind.

Confidential & Secure Destruction

We have the expertise, experience and capability in the collection and destruction of your secure documents and out-dated products. Our team of specialists will work with you to tailor a solution which meets your internal protocols and guidelines for destruction.

Facility Finder

Disposal, Recovery and Recycling Facilities

Location Finder

We operate a wide range of processing facilities for the disposal, recovery and recycling of all materials, operating from more than 100 locations across Australia and New Zealand.

Commercial Waste Major Projects

See how we are partnering with local organisations to provide an innovative commercial waste solution, ultimately improving their business.

Commercial Waste Resource Centre

Stay up to date with the latest commercial waste news and publications.

Related News and Media

Recent commercial waste news and media.

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Managing Demolition Waste

13 May 2015

Every responsible company knows that the proper management of waste is essential when working towards your corporate sustainability goals. No matter what industry you are in, or whether you have 1 or 1,000 employees, your business must identify the best practices on waste reduction, reuse, and recycling for you.

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