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The Most Important Environmental Issues Across the World

May 07, 2013

Takeaway: Whether you are a sceptic or a believer regarding our role in changes to the environment, one undeniable fact remains – many of our major ecosystems within the world are experiencing massive climate change.

There are arguments for and against the role humans have played in changes to the various ecosystems around the world. Whether you are a sceptic or a believer regarding our role, one undeniable fact remains – many of the major ecosystems of the world are experiencing massive climate change. From increased flood conditions across Australia, to mega-droughts in the Amazon Basin, through to massive snow dumps in North America, the changes are everywhere and significant.

The Dying of Coral Reefs

Generally climate change is evidenced through its many causes, it is becoming increasingly clear that coral reefs are among those rich ecosystems most threatened by this phenomenon. Minute increases in sea surface temperatures combined with rising sea levels and more frequent and severe storms are some of the effects of climate change that can negatively impact coral reefs. Whether it is the bleaching of coral reefs through increased carbon in the atmosphere, or their wholesale death and destruction, losing coral will be disastrous.

 If we lose these environments, we will not only lose areas of great beauty but furthermore will potentially lose many different species of aquatic life which inhabit them. This would be devastating for the earth’s food chain on many levels.

Uncontrolled Water Levels

Look no further than the recent Federal Government or opposition’s plans to address the building of more dams or increasing our existing dam’s capacity as proof that more needs to be done to protect the areas around the various dams in the country. Researchers have identified that into the future more severe climate conditions will cause flood situations that put the lives and homes of thousands at risk as rains fill catchment areas faster than we use the water.

Megadrought in the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest is widely recognised as one of the most bio-diverse environments anywhere in the world, if not the most diverse. Sadly, scientists have identified that rising sea temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean - also responsible for the hurricanes in the USA - is having a significant effect on the rainfall in the rainforest.

In 2005, 30% of the Amazonian rainforest’s basin was affected by a severe drought - as there was significantly less rainfall than normal. In 2010, the area was again subject to another drought - this time 50% of the forest - causing many plants to die off. The ramifications of this are huge; the rainforest is widely known to act as a carbon sink (captures and converts huge volumes of carbon dioxide), but as it dies, the ability of the earth to combat the greenhouse effect is diminished.

The Quest for Energy

Electricity and power is something that we in the developed world take for granted. Whether you are using electricity to power the computer of which you are reading this blog on, or using petrol to power your car, energy use is highly important to us all.

Sadly, humankinds quest for short term power is leading to increased environmental damage. Worst of all, the effects we have today will affect not only us, but many future generations.

Of course there are of course many other environmental issues which should have equal recognition, some of these include:

  • Resource depletion
  • Nuclear issues
  • Ozone depletion
  • Overpopulation
  • Depleting food resources
  • Water quality
  • Rising temperatures
  • More extreme weather events

Our objective however in writing this post was to draw your attention to the overall problem and hopefully help you to realise that more needs to be done to protect this world in which we live. Please, share this post with those you know, and hopefully, we can all work together to reduce our impact on this planet. 

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Author: VeoliaANZ

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