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Economic and Environmental Progress.

Against a backdrop of climate change, rising energy prices and diminishing resources, Veolia applies its know-how and expertise to make energy efficiency a driver of economic and environmental progress for businesses and the community..

At Veolia we integrate the most advanced energy solutions, including district heating and cooling networks, multi-technical services, production of industrial utilities and even comprehensive building management.

Across Australia and New Zealand, Veolia’s energy services business employs over 390 dynamic staff, including 190 mobile technicians who provide solutions to our 2,900+ customers. With 14 locations nationally, we serve a vast range of customers across community, commercial, healthcare, education and industrial markets.

Plugging in Veolia's Energy Solutions 

We can design, build, operate and maintain energy solutions that can decrease your overall consumption of energy, and reduce long-term utilities expenditure. Across our industrial and commercial energy markets, we offer a very unique range of services, including:

Key Expertise across Multiple Sectors

We apply our expertise daily in a number of fields at the intersection of major energy and environmental issues including:

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency encompasses all methods and techniques that reduce energy consumption. It lowers energy costs, controls consumption and provides more efficient production tools. Energy efficiency is a leading focus of Australian ambitions to curb greenhouse gas emissions, since the federal government has set a target of reducing carbon emissions by 5% by 2020.

Energy efficiency is a core focus for us and a challenge that concerns all economic stakeholders, including industrial operators. At Veolia we provide cost-effective, eco-friendly energy efficiency services that include performance guarantees for our public and private sector customers around the world and locally here across Australia and New Zealand.

Renewable Energies

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has made the development of renewable energies a top priority, setting growth targets of 20% by 2020. The development of these renewable energies makes it possible to replace fossil fuels with "green energies," improving the energy and environmental efficiency of installations.

Renewable energies are a priority for us and we are introducing a growing amount of renewable energies - especially biomass but also landfill gas and solar energy - at all of the facilities we operate.

Environmental Efficiency

The environmental efficiency of a system or facility boils down to reducing its environmental impacts and everything Veolia does is to further that purpose. We improve the energy and environmental efficiency of the installations we operate through effective, innovative solutions and the deployment of more appropriate, greener technologies.

Cogeneration, the introduction of renewable energies such as biomass, the use of alternative fuels, optimised facility operation and the development of community infrastructure are all services that strongly contribute to environmental protection.


Throughout Australia and New Zealand Biomass is the most abundant renewable energy available. It consists mainly of wood not recycled by the forest industry, that is, the portion not usable as lumber, and industry by-products such as branches, damaged, unusable wood and prunings. Recycled wood and energy crops are another source.

A fossil fuel replacement, biomass sharply curtails carbon emissions and shelters users from the economic havoc of fluctuating oil and gas prices. Its carbon-neutral footprint and wide availability in various forms add to the virtues of this energy, which is strongly promoted by governments. At Veolia we are massively expanding the use of biomass, especially in heating networks and at industrial cogeneration facilities.

Comprehensive Building Management

Comprehensive building management includes any service that improves the energy and environmental performances of a building while optimising its operation. Examples include reducing energy consumption or heat losses and optimizing the operation of installations.

Multi-technical services apply to equipment that produces power, heat and cool air, electrical installations and an array of related services, including waste management, maintenance, record management, reception and security services. At Veolia we are uniquely positioned to provide all these services, cost-effectively bundled into one package, ensuring you know that your organisation can deliver on our complementary areas of expertise and quality of service.


Cogeneration is an especially efficient environmental solution. Indeed, for your industrial energy production system, CHP technology can simultaneously produce heat and power from the same facility, resulting in energy savings of 10% to 15%, while also reducing consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Core Capabilities

Our goal is to provide comprehensive, high-value-added solutions that balance growth and environmental protection; solutions that manage water sustainably, turn waste into a resource and; develop cleaner, more efficient energy systems.

Veolia is the only global company to provide a full range of environmental services in three key environmental services markets: waste management, water and energy services.


Turning Waste into a Resource.

Veolia Waste

Veolia is Australia and New Zealand’s benchmark for sustainable waste management, resource recovery and industrial waste solutions. In addition to being an environmental services leader in the provision of an entire range of services for solid, liquid, hazardous and non-hazardous waste, Veolia is also one of the largest providers of sustainable solutions for industrial clients.


Global Network. Local Solutions.

Veolia Water

Veolia Water creates innovative water solutions for municipal and industrial customers in Australia and New Zealand. We manage assets of the water cycle, including reuse and desalination solutions and design, build and operate advanced water and wastewater treatment plants and networks.


Economic and Environmental Progress.

Veolia Energy

Against a backdrop of climate change, rising energy prices and diminishing resources, Veolia Energy (Dalkia) applies its know-how and expertise to make energy efficiency a driver of economic and environmental progress for businesses and the community.

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