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Water. Waste. Energy.

Veolia in Australia and New Zealand (Veolia) is the region’s only environmental solutions organisation with specific capabilities across water and wastewater treatment, energy management, waste and resource recovery services, and industrial cleaning and facilities maintenance services.  

Veolia is focused on delivering environmental solutions for four primary sectors: mining, oil and gas, food and beverage and healthcare; however Veolia has a client portfolio spanning across a great number of industrial, commercial and municipal sectors.

A Global Organisation

Veolia forms part of the global Veolia organisation which operates in 48 countries across the globe, divided into nine integrated geographically based entities. We are the only global organisation to provide water, waste management and energy services, vital to human development, environmental protection and sustainable growth, to municipal, industrial and commercial sectors.

Global Expertise. Local Know-How.

Veolia’s role is to plug nature’s services back into the man-made world, providing the environmental infrastructure that forms the foundation for growth. By environmental infrastructure, we mean consistent water supply, recycling waste materials and sustainable energy management. In this region, we have a history spanning over 40 years; globally the organisation has just celebrated its 160 year anniversary. This local knowledge, teamed with global expertise ensures we have an intimate understanding of the issues heavy, commercial and municipal  industries face.

Veolia Capabilities

Energy Services

Dalkia (Veolia Energy) provides customised, end-to-end solutions for efficient energy supply and use, including the management of heating networks and energy and fluid production plants, energy plant engineering and maintenance services, technical services for commercial and industrial building operation, and comprehensive building management services.

Waste Management and Recovery

Veolia is Australia and New Zealand’s benchmark for sustainable waste management, resource recovery and industrial waste solutions, providing environmental and logistics services, which include collection, pipe systems maintenance, urban and industrial cleaning services and waste-flow management, as well as waste treatment and recycling.

Industrial Cleaning and Facilities Maintenance

Veolia services clients working in heavy industries such as mining, oil and gas and manufacturing to deliver industrial cleaning solutions including high pressure water jetting, civil and facilities maintenance services and refractory management including installation, shutdowns and scaffolding.

Water / Wastewater Treatment

Veolia  specialises in the outsourced management of water and wastewater services for local authorities, industrial and service sector clients. In addition to managing all assets of the water cycle, including reuse and desalination solutions and design, we are also a world leader in the design, build and operation of facilities for water and wastewater systems using a wide variety of advanced technologies.

Vision, Mission and Values

Global Vision: Improve people's lives and preserve the environment
Mission: Creative solutions for our environment

Our brand’s mission: to provide creative solutions for our environment derives from the challenge expressed through our vision. Our core capabilities translate our brand promise into tangible solutions in each of their respective areas.

Our brand attributes are expressed through the daily commitment and achievements of the women and men who work for Veolia Environnement.  These attributes link our identity to the solutions we deliver in response to our clients’ needs.

Veolia’s fundamental values - responsibility, solidarity, respect, innovation and customer focus, underline the foundation of its economic, social and environmental performance.


We are aware of the impact our everyday actions have in improving the living conditions of people worldwide. We never forget how our business affects our employees and society as a whole and base our actions on our understanding of the general public interest.

Our managers are expected to take full responsibility for the decisions they make in carrying out their duties and managing their teams.


At Veolia this value applies to relationships entered into with all stakeholders. Concretely, this value is expressed by developing solutions which enable us to provide essential services for everyone, which we consider to be one of our major social responsibilities.


This value guides the individual conduct of all group employees and is expressed by compliance with the law and the group’s internal rules and through the respect shown to others.


Our creative research and innovative technologies combine to ensure that we are continuously improving our environmental solutions, now and for the future. Improving quality of service and value for our customers is a priority, reflected in our constant willingness to explore new scientific frontiers.

Customer Focus 

Our ability to listen carefully and professionally, and anticipate and adapt to client needs reflects our commitment to building solid, lasting relationships.

Understanding Our Brand

“Veolia" is derived from the name Aeolus. In Greek mythology, Aeolus was the ruler of the winds.

The brand team from within Veolia at the time however made a few changes to Aeolus, dropping the "us" on the end in favour of "ia," and, to heighten the air reference, adding a "V" to the beginning, which is the first letter of the French word for wind ("vent").

What does the circle symbol represent?

The circle logo is designed to represent three elements: continuity, a ring and protection. In plain speak, the circle symbolises unity, and the focus of us (human beings) as key to bringing our company together. Further to this, the circle is used to represent our planet and the fragility of its richness and equilibrium.

The ring feature is about the relationship and union between the individual and the community. It is about the partnerships we build amongst each other and also between employees and the wider community.

Lastly, at the heart of our symbol is the representation of our people. The graphic at the base of our logo is representative of two arms coming together to enfold and protect.

Key Figures


  • Revenue: €29.4B (2012)
  • Employees: 220,000
  • 100 million residents provided with drinking water
  • 71 million residents provided  with wastewater treatment services;
  • 54 million residents provided  with waste-collection services;
  • 11 million residents  provided with heat

Australia and New Zealand

  • Revenue: A$1.24B (2013)
  • Employees: 4053
  • 37 water & wastewater treatment plants
  • Over 100 waste management, resource recovery and industrial cleaning sites
  • Provided water services for up to 3 million people
  • Delivered waste management and recycling services for over 60,000 customers

Global Transformation

In 2011, Veolia globally embarked on a transformation plan with the aims of restructuring operations to reduce debt, simplifying and tightening the company's organisation and cutting costs. The strategic drivers for the Veolia business both globally and in Australia and New Zealand are now focussed on:

  • To be the standard setter in major markets
  • To achieve a better balance between municipal and industrial clients with the latter to account for at least 50% of revenue (vs. 35% currently)
  • To obtain over half of revenue in fast-growing markets (vs. around a third currently); and
  • To develop new business models

In Australia and New Zealand, Veolia has adopted this transformation plan by delivering a new business structure as of January 1st 2014. This structure is designed to bring our customers closer to our business, driven by a united strategy aimed at improving performance and delivering integrated and innovative environmental solutions

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Core Capabilities

Our goal is to provide comprehensive, high-value-added solutions that balance growth and environmental protection; solutions that manage water sustainably, turn waste into a resource and; develop cleaner, more efficient energy systems.

Veolia is the only global company to provide a full range of environmental services in three key environmental services markets: waste management, water and energy services.

Veolia Waste

Turning Waste into a Resource.

Veolia Waste

Veolia is Australia and New Zealand’s benchmark for sustainable waste management, resource recovery and industrial waste solutions. In addition to being an environmental services leader in the provision of an entire range of services for solid, liquid, hazardous and non-hazardous waste, Veolia is also one of the largest providers of sustainable solutions for industrial clients.

Veolia Water

Global Network. Local Solutions.

Veolia Water

Veolia Water creates innovative water solutions for municipal and industrial customers in Australia and New Zealand. We manage assets of the water cycle, including reuse and desalination solutions and design, build and operate advanced water and wastewater treatment plants and networks.

Veolia Energy

Economic and Environmental Progress.

Veolia Energy

Against a backdrop of climate change, rising energy prices and diminishing resources, Veolia Energy (Dalkia) applies its know-how and expertise to make energy efficiency a driver of economic and environmental progress for businesses and the community.

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Shaping the Cities of Tomorrow

19 March 2015

Urban growth continues to place huge pressures on a city’s need for cleaner energy, water supply security and effective waste and resource management. The main challenge lies in cutting consumption and pollution while boosting efficiency.

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