Resourcing the World

As a global leader in environmental solutions, we work closely with all aspects of local government and some of Australia’s largest industrial and commercial companies to help them reach their sustainability goals; providing them with large-scale innovative water, energy and waste solutions. We aim to replicate natural systems to solve man-made problems.

Veolia is governed by an adherence to the highest levels of safety, no compromises and we work in partnership with our clients to minimise hazards, reduce risk and build a respected and lively safety culture. More so, by speaking our client’s language and understanding how their business decisions are guided, Veolia is better placed to deliver the solutions needed across complex issues such as: managing water sources, recovering vital resources from waste and delivering alternative approaches to energy management. Veolia is motivated by acting and behaving safely, respecting and protecting the environment and delivering social cohesion and collaboration.

Veolia employs over 4000 talented men and women who form the backbone of our organisation.

Servicing our Primary Industries

Throughout Australia and New Zealand we work with heavy industry, commercial businesses, and municipalities and residents to deliver innovative, environmentally friendly solutions that are needed today, with a sustainable vision for tomorrow.

Heavy Industry

Large-scale, Innovative Environmental Solutions.

Heavy Industry

We partner with some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest industrial companies; providing them with large-scale innovative water, energy and waste solutions, integrating community education, training and safety procedures to minimise environmental and social impacts.

Commercial & Business

Creative, Customised, Affordable Solutions

Commercial & Business Solutions

We offer our services across a huge range of commercial sectors, supporting customers with solutions that meet their needs across waste and recycling, energy efficiency and sustainable water management.

Municipal & Residential

Simple, Accountable, Sustainable Solutions

Municipal & Residential

We work closely with local councils and residents, providing essential urban and regional services across water, waste and energy.

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World Toilet Day - It's No Joke

18 November 2015

What did one toilet say to the other? You look flushed! This World Toilet Day, 19 November, we want everyone to overcome their embarrassment and talk about toilets, and how they save lives. It's no joke!

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